It's AINA-ish
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It's AINA-ish
Cathy Doll Cheek Tint & Concealer SPF 15 PA++

1. Its quite big and the size is very memuaskan. But im not sure how long its gonna last cause it depends on how much you use it.
2. This product is super cute ! Any girls would love the design.
3. This is the brush or the tip for cheek tint (orange) and concealer.
4. Make sure that it has the Karmart Original Sticker ! Because nowadays there are people who sells fake Cathy Doll’s products :O
5. Okay. This is how i wear the concealer. I just keluarkan the brush and dab anywhere. Concealer ni untuk cover any redness/scars/pimples/anything yang you nak cover.
6. Yang ni pula cheek tint. This is how i wear the cheek tint. I buat mulut macam tu and calitkan dekat my cheek bone. After that, blendkan the cream berpandukan your senyuman.

Yay or Nay ?
Yay ! The concealer really does cover and blends well. While the cheek tint is not too pekat, it looks natural on face :) thank you @things2shop !
Thanks for today boyfriends !  @rraein belanja ‘setabak’ (sebab lambat) and @jemsv tolong book tickets  
Movie : Despicable Me 2
Awesome ! More minions involved in this one. Yep, i watch this just because of the minions 
Salam Jumu’ah 
Beauty Product: Cathy Doll-Ready 2 White Milky Dress Cream Pack (yup Cathy Doll likes to name their products panjang-panjang tapi omey :3)

I bought this product w @things2shop a week ago. I did some research for Water Splash Essence but i thought i really should try this one first. So jom kita mulakan ! :D

1. This is how the product looks like. It is white and pink and adorably adorable.
2. And again, i dont understand what it says but you can always ask the seller. You can read the ingredients though.
3. It is that big. For me, that size is quite memuaskan for face mask. Am not sure berapa lama tahan cause it depends on how much you put on your face.
4. Yes, as you can see i only dab some of it on right of my face. I sapu separuh muka sebab nak tengok difference nanti. Hehe
5. This is very impprtant: please ratakan the cream on your face very carefully and sama rata. Or else you’ll get muka putih yang tak sekata sebab sapu tak rata. You dont wanna look liddat ! >.<
6. After 3 minutes, then go wash face. Masa basuh tu basuh betul-betul tau, jangan ada cream yang still melekat at your face. And cheeze ! Can you zee ze difference of the right and ze left cheek ? *french slang* No ?
7. Well see this one ! Nampak tak ? Dalam gambar tak berapa nampak :( But really, pipi belah kanan tak nampak redness and nampak putih sikit. Like kak @denabahrin said, macam pakai bedak :)

Yay or Nay ?
Yay yay yay ! I could just use this product and dont even have to pakai bedak to go out, only 3 minutes ! Product ni pom bau wangi nyumnyum :)
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Bonia, Alamanda Putrajaya.
(Ibu’s favourite place)
Agaknya berapa kg dah turun buat semua ni ? Eh ! Hahahaha
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Beauty Product: The Face Shop - White Mud Nose Pack

FYI, this is my second bottle. There wont be a second bottle if its not good right ? So lets check it out shall we ? :D

1. This is the front of the product. Just a simple cute bottle.
2. This is the back of the product where you can find all the ingredients and how to use it.
3. I think its available in only this one size which is 50g. One bottle for me could last for 6-8 months depends on how much you put it on.
4. It is very very thick and sticky and almost glue-like. You’ve to quickly put it on your nose/face cause it dries up kinda fast.(or maybe kipas kuat sangat dalam bilik haha)
5. So thats how i look like after i slab it on my face. Wait for 10-15 minutes or after it completely dries. Yes, i use a nose mask on my face. What ? My nose is not on my face meh ? Dah alang-alang nose, buat terus for your face loh hehe >.<
6. Okay. This. This is the. Painful part of all ! Tips: dont you ever ever put it too close to your eyes or you’ll spend your night crying. Haha no, im serious ! :O then dah tarik semua, you go wash your face thoroughly and do your akincare routine macam biasa.
7. So that is all the mask yang berjaya ditarik ! And you’ll be surprised that every tini-tiny bit of your bulu muka pom dia cabut sekali. Memang kosong terus liang roma :’D

Yay or Nay ?
Yay yay yay ! I really love how this product kosongkan my liang roma and pores. But, i dont think sensitive skin boleh terima. Sebab this one is very very strong. Because of that, it leaves some redness on my face and cause some pain after the tarik-tarik the mask. So very important pakai moisturiser after the tarik-tarik mask then you’ll be okay :)
BeautyProduct : Garnier Light Perfect Trial Set

So i’ve been using this product for almost 3 weeks now. Let see what i have to say about em ! :)

1. There’re 3 product in one set ; facial cleanser, moisturiser and bb cream. I think this set could last for more or less than a month.
Facial Foam/Cleanser:
- doesnt dry out my skin
- doesnt need much water to get foamy
- cleanse my face thoroughly inlcuding make ups
- not too oily or greasy
- love how it tightens pores
- gives me a glow
- give a bit of fairness
BB Cream:
- liquidy, so easy to meratakan the cream on my face
- covers redness/scars on my face
- doesnt last long :( especially when you’re under the sun / sweat a bit.
2. I already wear the moisturiser before i put on the bb cream.
3. This is after i put on the bb cream.

Yay or Nay ?
Yay for the cleanser and moisturiser ! I love em :) But Nay for the bb cream ! I want a bb cream that could last on my face through any kinds of weather :(